Allen Franklin Jordan

Computer Programmer, Mathematician

My Projects


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  • C# programming in Visual Studio
  • Audio input data packet demodulation ("audio modem")
  • Advanced scientific calculations, data editing, plotting, satellite data comparison, and output file generation

A suite of software I wrote for collecting and processing weather balloon data.

Frostpoint Hygrometer

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  • Atmel AVR microcontroller development
  • WinAVR embedded C programming
  • Altium DXP circuit design
  • wxWidgets C++ OpenGL control software programming

My work on NOAA's Frostpoint Hygrometer instrument.

Weather Balloon Flights

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  • GPS Tracking
  • Wireless data reception
  • Instrument calibration

Weather balloon flights I prepared and launched in at NOAA.

Balloon Prediction Program

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  • C# application programming with Visual Studio
  • Retrieve and process remote wind data
  • Threading, network communication, .NET Forums GUI development

A program I created at NOAA for predicting weather balloon landing coordinates.

Improved Eppley Solar Tracker

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  • Lots of mechanical changes and machining
  • New electronics (stepper motors/drivers, hall-effect sensors, GPS)
  • New firmware for calculating solar position and controlling motor movement
  • Rugged, environmentally-resistant construction for remote station deployment

A project to re-use and improve legacy solar tracking systems at NOAA.

Sky Camera Processing Program

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  • Maintaining and improving legacy Java code
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Remote camera communication

A legacy Java program that I have improved and modernized which calculates cloud cover from pictures of the sky.

Franklin Math

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  • Designing and implementing a large Java project
  • Creating a simple programming language for mathematics
  • Uses many features of Java: Swing, reflection, threads, XML parsing
  • Unit testing with JUnit
  • Implements design patterns
  • Recursive descent parsing and expression reduction
  • Open source, GPL licensed

An open source symbolic computer algebra system that I am creating in Java.

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